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Curriculum & Teaching Modes

Our curriculum consists of special courses of International Education Center of Xian Middle School , high standard US common core courses and advanced placement courses.  The curriculum system is divided into seven modules:

-          Chinese: Chinese language & literature

-          Foreign Language: English Language & Composition, AP English Language & Composition, ESL,Academic English Reading & Writing,Critical Reading,TOEFL Reading,TOEFL Listening,TOEFL Speaking,TOEFL Writing

-          Mathematics: ACT/SAT Mathematics,Pre-AP Mathematics, AP Calculus, AP Statistics,Mathematics,Mathematics Modeling

-          Science: Physics,Chemistry,Biology,Pre-AP Physics, Pre-AP Chemistry,Pre-AP Biology,ACT Science, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, , AP Biology

-          Humanities / Social Science: Chinese History, Chinese Geometry, Pre-AP US History, AP US History,AP Micro-Economics, AP Macro-Economics

-          Fine Arts: Art, Music, AP Art History, AP Music Theory, Music Appreciation, Film Making

-          PE: Weighting, Basketball, Volleyball, Aerobics, Dancing

To give every student individual attention and concrete guidance, the school uses a variety of teaching methods. At our school, you can find:

-          Subject teacher driven classes (16-25 students)
-          mentor led academic groups (4-10 students)
-          and expert lectures(20-30 students)